Roofing & Waterproofing Material Guarantees, Maintenance and Service Plans.

There are 4 significant aspects to any roof or waterproofing system warranty or guarantee:


  • Product or Material Guarantees.
  • Perimeter and Junction Point Detailing
  • Quality of Workmanship & Installation.
  • Recorded Maintenance & Service Plan of the System.

The small print in the paperwork needs to be carefully read and understood. The risk is when the guarantee or warranty is required, at a point of a claim, you may find holes in the guarantee between the manufacturer and the “approved” contractor that could invalidate any such claim. This will leave you holding the bill.


In most cases, without recorded maintenance or a roof / waterproofing service plan of the installed product, the material guarantee is invalidated against any claim.

From MRC Group, you have a choice of options:


  • Traditional Guarantees
  • Guardian System Warranty



What is the Traditional Roof Guarantee in the market place?  


  • Long-term Product / Material Guarantees on the main roof system items, up to 20 years.
  • 1 or 2 Year Workmanship Warranty.


In many cases when looking carefully at the product or material guarantee, you will find that the guarantee is simply stating that IF maintained, the suppliers will guarantee that the material will not become perforated through corrosion, with no specific comment regarding the all-important perimeter or junction details or flashings.


Important Note: If the roof system is not officially recorded as being regularly maintained, then the material suppliers of the metal roofing or waterproofing systems, state clearly that their guarantees are invalidated.


(The traditional guarantee does NOT cover perimeter details or maintenance and ONLY short term workmanship or installation period)


Any roof or cladding system is only as good as its design, perimeter detailing, installation & maintenance. The most likely cause of a roof leaking or complete failure is poor quality installation, the omission of essential elements or inadequate perimeter design.


Important Note regarding Perimeter Detail: In most cases, the perimeter flashings shown in manufacturers technical guides, show the principle of how the detail should be constructed, the size of the flashing details needs to be determined by project location, roof pitch and the specified roof system. In many cases the size or girth of the flashing is determined by the contractor based on commercial reasons rather than technical i.e. how many flashings can be manufactured out of one flat sheet, thereby saving money.

Please check our guide on how to construct perimeter details correctly.



Why is the ‘Guardian’ System Warranty different?


The Guardian System warranty covers all three aspects for a guarantee or warranty to be a worthwhile investment for the building owner or developer.


  • Up to 20-year system warranty including materials, workmanship, maintenance and a roofing service plan.
  • The cover is on all installed systems by MRC Group – Metal Roofing & Cladding, Green Roof Systems, Waterproofing, Protective Coatings & Fire Walls.
  • Includes all parts of the system, junction points between different system and all perimeter details and flashings.


Every ‘Guardian’ System Warranty is supplied with a scheduled roofing maintenance and service plan to be undertaken by MRC Group, which is in place for up to 20 years.

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