Waterproofing & Corrosion

Waterproofing Membrane Systems


Waterproofing systems for flat roof projects are abundant. MRC Waterproofing’s experience in waterproofing systems ensures that the right  system is installed for the performance required. Waterproofing membrane systems such as “Torch-on” or “Single-Ply” provide a resolute seal to any flat roofing areas.

Single, double or triple layer “torch on” waterproofing membranes.

Single-ply TPO, TPE or UPVC waterproofing membrane systems mechanically fixed to the structure.

Ballasted or inverted insulated waterproofing membrane solutions.

Membrane systems to over-roof existing bitumen roof systems without having to strip the roof.

Waterproofing membrane systems for basement and retaining wall applications.

Liquid Applied Waterproofing Solutions  


Liquid applied specialist waterproofing systems add the ability to withstand a list of issues such as corrosion, chemical imbalances, thermal shock as well as water ingress. MRC Waterproofing offers liquid applied systems to refurbish concrete flat and metal pitch roofs along with bund and basement areas.

Acrylic waterproofing and rust inhibitor waterproofing systems to provide a seal to a metal roof and enhance its operational life.

Polyurethane systems for gutters and flat roofs with problematic ponding issues.

Specialist thermal coatings to reflect the sun’s rays and reduce thermal shock/expansion to the material below.

Liquid applied coating to apply to surfaces with bitumen materials or previously applied coatings.

Specialist Spraylock coating that penetrates the existing or new concrete to provide a fast-acting, long-term seal.

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