Refined Refurbs

Building solutions inside and out

MRC is the ONLY supplier, installer and maintainer of Building Refurbishment Solutions for a range of industrial, commercial and retail property types, whose works are covered by the ‘Guardian’ System Warranty.


We would be delighted to visit your industrial, commercial or retail property and provide a full technical report highlighting the issues and solutions to ensure a watertight and energy-efficient building.



Our refurbishment solutions:

Leaky pitched metal roof systems.

Failed and leaking flat roof systems.

Leaking and rusty gutters.

Rusty steel purlins and rails.

Cracked and leaking polycarbonate daylight sheeting.

Unsightly cladding and facade systems.

Replacement of combustible insulation whilst keeping your building operational.

Flooring and Finishes


In the modern era of open plan offices and minimalism, is a renewed emphasis on flooring and its various finishes. MRC Refurb offers a totally unbiased range of finishes to suit your budget and aesthetics.


  • Raised access flooring
  • Polished concrete floors and classic timber and engineered wood systems.
  • Carpets, vinyl’s, tiling and paving
  • Balustrading and hand-railing systems
  • Balconies designed to account for thermal expansion to ensure no water ingress.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)


MRC Refurb provides a full turn-key service for HVAC solutions


  • Insulated and uninsulated galvanised or stainless-steel HVAC systems
  • Wall, floor or ceiling mounted options
  • Exposed feature or hidden HVAC solutions
  • Mechanical designs based on office volume and planned occupancy
  • Integrated high heat or low temperature systems

MRC Africa         


MRC Africa is committed to maintaining public and governmental buildings to reduce waste and to ensure the longevity of external and internal materials.  With a nationwide footprint, MRC Africa operates throughout the whole of South Africa and uplifting skills development to the local people to undertake works at the highest quality standards.


  • Maintain all type of roofs and gutters, including repair works where necessary.
  • Electrical inspections and certificate of compliances.
  • Installation of external and internal building envelope solutions.
  • Application of green and renewable technologies.


Removal, encapsulation and disposal of asbestos materials.

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